Frequently Asked Questions, Terms and Conditions at Selva Suites accommodation in San Pancho (San Francisco), Nayarit, Mexico.

What is Selva Suites?

Selva Suites is a custom-built, luxurious residential property, which can accommodate and welcome guests in San Pancho (San Francisco).

The name of our San Pancho vacation rental property is inspired by the location; Selva in Spanish means Jungle. Our lot is surrounded by lush jungle (selva).

Two family-friendly and wheelchair-accessible suites are available for rent. Occasionally, we may release the whole home of total 5 bedrooms to be rented.

Is it quiet at Selva Suites?

Yes it is extremely quiet!

The only sounds you hear are the jungle night life and a soft ocean sound. You will hear the unique sounds of birds during the day. Although there are restaurants about 5 to 7 minutes walk, we are not near enough to night clubs or the village to hear any loud music of events or entertainment.

If it is tranquility and privacy you are searching for, then Selva Suites is the best place to be.   

How will I make a reservation?

Click here for our online reservation system like any other hotel. You search for date availability and reserve online on

After you receive your confirmation code, we will follow with an email containing the invoice which is payable in full for the reservation to become valid.

You can pay securely the Invoice online. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, (a PayPal Subsidiary), and Zelle ( for USA-based, commission-free Bank Transfers.

You will only be able to make the room reservation directly on We do not sell through any other travel site like Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia or Craigslist. This guarantees the best direct rates and pricing.

How many guests can be accommodated?

At Selva Suites in San Pancho, our suites can sleep two adults in the bedroom and two children in the living room, or if there are no children the two adults can use the extra room as a living room. As a result, our suites accommodate comfortably a family of 4. If needed, an additional movable bed can be added for a 5th person (younger child) for a small additional charge.

This is something unique and rare in San Pancho as most accommodation provided in the area are strictly for 2 persons per room, forcing you to have to rent and pay for an additional room for your kids, doubling your accommodation cost. We don’t like this for our vacation and we are certain you would not like it either.   

If and when the whole house becomes available for rent, it can sleep up to 10 persons.

Is Selva Suites Family-Friendly?

Yes, absolutely!

We welcome families with children. There is ample space (3500 SqFt or 320 m2) for them to enjoy.

Our property is surrounded by lush vegetation making it an exciting adventure for kids and adults thinking like kids, to explore and apply their imagination.

There is a nice, easy-going path for walks and hikes. The gated community is safe, the cobblestone paved roads loop around within the community. There is a lot of space to wander safely.

Is Selva Suites Wheelchair-Accessible?

Yes, Selva Suites was designed and built to be a wheelchair-accessible property.

This feature cannot be found at other properties in the surrounding areas of San Pancho, Sayulita or Punta Mita. We are able to accommodate guests that may have difficulty moving or walking and are in need of a wheelchair.

There are ramps leading from the property entrance to the suites and to the upper swimming pool level. The interior areas also allow the movement of wheelchairs as there are no steps entering the rooms, bathrooms or showers.

Is There a Minimum-Night Stay?

There is a 2-night minimum stay during the low-season, which is June 1 to October 31.

There is a 3-night minimum stay during the high-season, which is November 1 to May 31.

What is the nightly rate?

The nightly rate at Selva Suites will vary depending on the season. During the low-season the rate will be between 40% and 45% lower than the high-season rate.  

The rate will be competitive to similar type and quality of accommodation in the San Pancho area.

Please use the Selva Suites reservation buttons above to check availability and rates.

Nightly rate includes cleaning service once weekly.

Is There a Swimming Pool?

Yes there is are two pools; a refreshing infinity-view pool and a shallower kids pool.

Water is a scarce commodity these days, therefore the pool was built with that in-mind. It is large enough to provide for a refreshing swim, but not excesively large to waste water. 

There is no diving allowed...we would like you to leave Selva Suites without a cracked skull! :)

The main swimming pool has two in-water sitting-benches. The first step into the pool is wide and shallow enough for a small child to sit and play in the water without drowning.

The second, lower level pool is a shallow children's pool, ideal for a child to sit in. The view is stunning from the lower level pool so adults are quite welcome to sit in and enjoy.

There is no life guard and under absolutelly no circumstances should the children be left unsupervised!

How Far is San Pancho Beach?

The San Pancho beach is exactly 4-minute walk from the main entrance of our  gated community.

We are located at the far end of the beach, away for the crowds. Even during the high-season, that part of the beach is quiet and the crowds are very light. Sometimes it feels as if it were private.

What Cleaning Service and COVID-19 Policies do you offer?

As opposed to crowded hotels, our property is remotely located with very limited number of people going into the property. The cleaning crew use the appropriate strong disinfectants throughout once a week. There is the available option to have your room cleaned more frequently for an additional charge of $USD 40 per visit. Please let us know and we will arrange for this optional service.

There are large windows everywhere which provide constant ventilation. The location, privacy, and the well-ventilated design of the property provide additional safety for being a COVID19-free property.

Why is Selva Suites San Pancho Rental Better than Hotels in San Pancho?

Although there is a detailed article analysing this question on our blog, here are some reasons, why hotels in San Pancho are not necessarily the best option for your accommodation.

Hotels have increased costs because they pay commissions to the travel sites. They pay for internet marketing and advertising. At Selva Suites, our suite rooms are modern and comfortable.

However, we do not pay commissions to travel sites and we manage our own natural and organic internet marketing.

As a result our costs are lower, which means we can afford to offer our guests very competitive room rates when you compare the features and amenities you get renting a room at Selva Suites to the hotel rooms offered in San Pancho, you will realize that we offer the same or better quality room for less money.

Other Amenities Available?

Each of the suites are at the far opposite end of the property and away from each other. Between them, they share a common open area, ceiling-covered, sitting area, with a refrigerator and stove. The suites come with all necessities, linen, towels, soap, toilet paper.

How far is the village center?

If you walk slowly, taking your time to enjoy the views, it’s 17 to 20 minutes. If you walk at a normal pace, it’s 10 to 14 minutes.

The distance to the village is optimal, as it is very easy and close to reach it, and at the same time, you have the privacy and silence of a luxurious and prestigious area, away from the noises of the village.

Lazy to walk? very inexpensive taxis in town are a phone call away. You can reach them at +52 311 258 4596.

Is there Internet Access?

Yes, and we are currently the only property to offer blazing fast Elon Musk's Starlink Satelite internet service.  The cell signal booster at our San Pancho rental provides LTE 4G connection to your cell phone.

Overall internet access in San Pancho is a serious problem. We are the only rental property currently offering reliable, fast internet access.

Click here to read our detailed article on our internet offering and alternative  options and issues in San Pancho and the possibility of working remotely.

Cell Signal in San Pancho and at Selva Suites?

The short answer is yes, if you are with either T-Mobile, Telcel and their partners. We have the most powerful cell signal booster in the market, amplifier at Selva Suites. When standing close to the signal boosting antenna you get LTE 4G signal.

The long answer is: The best carrier in Mexico with the best coverage is Telcel. Cell providers in the USA which partner and roam with Telcel are T-Mobile and any MVNO company that operates on T-Mobile’s network. These are Metro by T-Mobile, SimpleMobile, NET10 if you contracted to be on T-Mobile’s network and StraightTalk if you contracted to be on T-Mobile’s network. Of course, you will have to have activated the appropriate cell Plan in the US before landing in Mexico.

AT&T owns a small company in Mexico called IUSAcell, which has extremely limited coverage. They do not cover San Pancho. AT&T roams with a company called Movistar in Mexico. Movistar has sparse and very frustrating 2G coverage in San Pancho. They only have somewhat 3G coverage in Puerto Vallarta and some parts of the highway. The same would apply for any other cell company which operates on AT&T’s network: Cricket, NET10 if you chose to be on AT&T’s network, StraightTalk if you chose to be on AT&T’s network.

Is there Parking at Selva Suites?

Yes, there is complimentary covered parking for one car per suite.

There is also some room to park a vehicle in front of building.

Do You Offer Airport Transportation Service?

Yes you are able to reserve your airport transfers at the same time when you make your Selva Suite reservation and are able to pay for it in the same reservation. Please make sure you provide you airport arrival and departure date and time.

Even if you forget to include the service at the time of your reservation, you can still contact us to schedule it. 

What is the Refundable Security Deposit?

The property is custom and expensive. We have invested and are investing a large amount of hard earned money. It is being built and furnished with a lot of love, care, and high-end furnishings.

We appreciate and expect that guests treat the home with the utmost care and respect.

A refundable USD$500 damage deposit will be charged along with the reservation.

It will be refunded within 5 business days after departure following an inspection of the property.

A list of movable items will be provided. Missing items such as towels, silverware etc, or broken items will be charged for their replacement.

Do You Offer Massage Service?

Yes, and what a better location to get a massage than Selva Suites, surrounded by nature.

You can pre-book your massage during the reservation. This will give us the time to confirm the timing with you and the therapist.

What About Tips?

Gratuities and tips to the people working to provide excellent service are not included in the rate.

Hard working employees that offer great service always appreciate this extra income, in an otherwise low-income society which is hit by the constant devaluation of the Mexican peso.

If someone does a good job, please thank them with a tip and a smile! 

What are the Policies?

Check-in after 3 pm. Check-out at noon.

Music is allowed at acceptable noise levels so that neighbors are not disturbed. In all cases, there must be quiet after 10 pm.  

Massage hours are between 9 am and 5 pm.

We have the right to enter the suites and common areas in order to inspect and service the premises.

Pets are not allowed. Policy violation fee of USD$150

Smoking/vaping - of any kind! - is prohibited. Violation will cause charges for deep cleaning, including ozone treatment and expensive cleaning procedures, up to $500.

Any drug use, including cannabis,  is prohibited. It will be reported and prosecuted with the local authorities, followed by immediate termination of guest services, eviction, and forfeiture of any remaining reservation funds.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Selva Suites is a very small property and we are greatly affected by cancellations. We, therefore, will be managing cancellations as follows:
Cancellations made 61 or more calendar days prior to arrival date get a 100% refund, minus administrative credit card fees.

Cancellations made between 50 and 60 calendar days prior to arrival date receive 80% refund, minus administrative credit card fees. 20% Cancellation Fee is not refundable.

Cancellation made less than 49 calendar days prior to arrival date are not refundable. Only in the event, we are able to find other guests to stay during your canceled period, we will gladly refund you the cost of your stay, minus administrative credit card fees.

Can I Take the Towels Home?

Our towels are cool. We like them!, a lot! We would prefer that you do not take them.

Should you take the towels with you the nominal cost of the towel replacement, will be charged to your credit card.

Are San Pancho and Selva Suites Safe?


It’s so safe that here chickens actually do cross the street for all sorts of reasons safely! :) 

San Pancho is a very safe, quiet, laid-back surf-village. Crime is virtually non-existent.
At Selva Suites there are no street-crossing chickens, but it is located in a closed-door gated community, with a person being present 24/7 who opens the gate only to authorized residents.

What About Medical Emergencies?

San Pancho has its own Hospital: El Hospital General San Francisco, with ambulance service. You can reach them at +52 311 258 4077 or +52 311 258 4229

The hospital is a swift 3-minute-ride from Selva Suites.

It is ludicrously inexpensive to pay for any emergency needed. We have used the emergency services which have been very efficient, fast, inexpensive with great, experienced and caring medical personnel.

If you do have to use emergency medical services, the low cost will frustrate you when you think what you pay in the USA for similar health services and it might make you want to move permanently just for the cost of health care! :)

What Activities are Available in San Pancho?

The most important “activity” is to lay down, do nothing and let your brain zone-out, hear nature’s calming sounds, stare at the jungle or ocean!  :)

If you must do things, then there is also plenty:

unique family restaurants with delicious foods and drinks,  golf, surfing, horseback riding, day-trips to Islas Marietas, whale watching trips (seasonal), day trips to Puerto Vallarta or neighboring villages such as Sayulita, Lo de Marcos, Punta de Mita, Sunday Brunch at the exclusive Polo Club or dinner at the exclusive Club de Playa. This should be enough to make want to go back to zoning-out in the hammock!

We can also introduce you to local trustworthy Realtors if you are interested in setting up a time to look for properties to buy.

When is the Puerto Vallarta whale watching season?

Typically the whale watching season in the areas of Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, Sayulita, San Pancho and Lo de Marcos runs between early December and late March every year.

Every year the Environment and Wildlife Secretariat (SEMARNAT) grants permits to vessels that are authorized to offer whale watching tours. On these boats, crew members have been trained to offer participants the best possible experience without affecting the natural habitat of the whales.
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